The Best Way to Remove Mold

The Best Way to Remove Mold

Removing mold from your home involves much more than simply scrubbing with soap and water. After this fungus invades your home and permeates deep into wood, brick and other surfaces, it remains vital to use proper methods for mold removal. trigger allergic reactions and respiratory problems in many individuals.


Blasting remains the most practical and efficient way to clean surfaces marred with mold. Many blasting methods require quite a bit of cleanup afterwards, but some methods such as dry ice blasting require no cleanup. However, dry ice blasting only removes visible mold. With its spores left behind, the mold can return.


Soda blasting, the eco-friendly blasting method, removes and kills all mold. Soda blasters shoot off pressurized stream of sodium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda. The baking soda not only removes the mold, but also kills its spores, preventing an unwanted return to that surface.


Unlike other mold removal methods such as sandblasting, soda blasting involves a safe and simple cleanup process. Being water soluble, the baking soda rinses clean and easily wipes away. This technique also boasts a reputation for safety and maintains a status as an environmentally-friendly option for industrial cleaning.


Preventing Future Mold Outbreaks


Although soda blasting kills mold spores, your home remains vulnerable to another breakout useless you take preventative measures to hinder the mold’s regrowth.


Mold thrives on moisture. Effective moisture control restricts mold’s ability to grow and spread. Make sure that damp areas such as bathrooms stay well ventilated and always try to dry wet areas immediately. Without proper airflow, moisture in the air can collect on the walls and in your vents and air ducts. Clean these areas regularly and circulate the air by opening doors throughout the house to spread fresh air around.


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