Maintaining Your Air Ducts

Maintaining Your Air Ducts

Sick and tired of your family members constantly coughing and sneezing? Do you far too often feel congested or have troubling breathing at home? The root of the problem may lie within in your own air ducts. Fortunately, simply maintaining your air ducts quickly reduces these health issues.


Dirty air ducts cause health problems. The dirt and debris trapped in your home’s air flow system constantly circulates throughout your house. Additionally, mold and other contaminants can collect inside the ducts and significantly block air flow into your house. This can cause your heating and cooling systems to work harder and much less efficiently.


Cleaning air ducts and HVAC equipment allows your system to last longer and run more efficiently. For a cleaner air duct system, seal all ducts and clean the A/C evaporator coil and furnace air handler. Next, wipe and brush all branch duct runs.

Check for small rodents or other objects that may be blocking the ducts. Rodents like mice can get into your ducts and die, converting your ducts into a rodent graveyard. Dead rats can contaminate the air flowing into your home or office.


Your air ducts essentially operate like a heart; it stops working if the arteries are clogged. So make sure you regularly clean your air ducts so that your HVAC system works effectively.
Use chemical biocides or sealants in your duct system –– properly sealing your ducts will lead to an increase in overall airflow across your entire system. These products don’t just help with airflow, they also make your system much cleaner.


The heating and cooling process starts with your HVAC system, but your health and the comfort of your home ultimately depends on how often you maintain and clean your air ducts. Proper duct cleaning requires the help of an experienced professional.


For more information about maintaining your air ducts from the experts at Air Care of West Michigan, contact us here or call us directly at 866.663.3828.

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